Who We Are

FormIT is the Output Management department of Aman Group, a leading IT company in Israel. We are experts in the field of customer messaging and digital documents. The FormIT system, combined with Informatica data integration abilities, creates and distributes organizational knowledge, such as invoices, client letters, forms, statements, receipts and marketing papers, across a wide range of distribution channels.

FormIt is an Aman group development, and it’s a leading product.
By using FormIT for your customer communication needs, you will be able to maintain a long-term personal relationship with them.

With our product, the service you provide will be so attentive and personal, your customers will feel their service is being provided by their best friends.

Because We Are:

Innovative: FormIt by Aman is a leading solution that brings innovation to the Israeli world of documents, and implements the tomorrow in the written organizational communication field of today.

Experienced: We have a proven solution for elegantly and quickly producing, distributing and archiving dynamic and personal documents, from all media types.

Efficient: FormIT enables organizations to quickly and efficiently distribute invoices, client letters, forms, statements, reports, marketing papers and any type of operational document, the organization distributes to its clients.

Creative: FormIT enables designing, producing and managing a smart, interactive and personal output.

Thorough: FormIT is an end-to-end solution for the full document production cycle: from the production through the design and the archive and up to the distribution across all media types.

Considerate: We are constantly thinking about you. Our system and our technology answer your and you clients’ business demands.

Committed: On a more personal note, we are a dedicated team of people, who is committed to working for you and to accompanying you on the way to change.

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