Between Friends – Customer Benefits and Organization Benefits

During the ongoing development of FormIT and its new versions, we are thinking about you. We are thinking about your clients’ needs, because that’s what you are concerned about, as well as about your needs, because you deserve someone who is thinking of you. That’s how it is between friends.

FormIT provides your customers with service according to their terms

Be Attentive!
Your clients expect service at the time and place of their convenience, on a communication channel they frequently use. FormIT enables you to provide them with service like their best friends would have provided them: distribution across a wide range of formats, media and channels, arriving at their digital doorstep when it’s most convenient for them, answering their exact needs.

Be Personal!
Your clients expect personally-tailored messages. Otherwise, they will lose interest. FormIt’s personalization abilities include adjusting messages to customers according to their age, consumer habits and action history. This will enable you to become familiar with your clients just like their friends, and provide them with relevant messages for them.

Be Interactive!
Your clients expect an easy and convenient communication relationship with you. If they received a message from you on a certain channel, the want to be able to answer you immediately, just like speaking with friends. With FormIT, you can save them the trouble of going to your website or calling customer service. FormIt’s digital abilities enable you to motivate your clients to action, by establishing a bi-directional digital communication, with them, through digital documents! That way, you can sell to customers and upsale through the operational document, without further costs.

Be Efficient!
You want to cut costs. FormIT’s advanced abilities enable you to cut printing houses operational costs, unify documents, save storage space, distribute digitally and cut them number of calls to your service centers.

Be Interactive!
You want to be able to quickly update changes, whether it’s correcting a mistake, updating a marketing plan or adjusting regulations. FormIT’s production and distribution abilities enable you to quickly and efficiently update documents, at a minimal cost.

Be Business Smart!
You want to make sure each interaction with clients is advanced and impressive, so it will leave a positive impression on them. FormIT’s technological abilities enable you to automatically send clients conversation and meeting summaries, copies of documents they signed and reminders for meetings with field agents. A positive customer experience will keep clients loyal and satisfied.

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