Our Product – Producing and Distributing Organizational Outputs

The FormIT system, developed by Aman Group, offers an innovative and proven solution. FormIT enables companies to produce, edit and distribute organizational outputs and information, such as invoices, client letters, forms, statements, receipts and marketing papers. FormIT distributes across a wide range of distribution channels, without depending on third-party suppliers.

In today’s world, the borders between work and private life are blurred. That’s why the accessibility of the documents and their content, is of utmost importance.

Your clients will appreciate you much more if they receive documents from you, according to their own schedule.

For that exact reason, we built a super smart system that remembers each client’s personal preferences. Starting with the small and personal ones and up to the larger ones, such as their preferred time and media channel for receiving documents.

With FormIT you will be able to wish your customers a Happy Birthday, prevent documents from being sent at times you know parents are picking their children up from school, text them a reminder when they finish putting their children to bed and send them documents the color of their favorite soccer team.

Customers who know you are considerate of their needs, will be committed to you for a long time. Just like we’re committed to our friends.

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