How It Works

FormIT is an innovative and proven solution that enables your organization to produce, edit and distribute all of the organization’s documents.

FormIT deals with a wide range of documents: invoices, client letters, forms, statements, reports, marketing papers and operational documents.

With FormIT, documents are distributed through a wide range of distribution channels, without depending on third party suppliers, according to the demands and needs of your customers.

FormIT is and end-to-end solution. The road begins with collecting information, continues with processing data from various content sources, and ends only after you’ve successfully finished distributing the information, according to your business needs.

FormIt Deals with 3 Main Layers:

1. Collecting Information – FormIT enables you to easily access any content source you need. The system knows how to retrieve almost any format, from a wide range of systems, databases, tables and files.

2. Processing and Archiving - FormIT provides you with business insights, which will assist you in making your organization more efficient, and in answering you clients’ personal needs. With our smart generator, you will be able to perform a wide range of data manipulations. In addition, all the information is saved in a smart XML archive, which enables you to easily access any information you need.

3. Distribution – FormIT enables you to distribute information according to your business needs. The system knows how to identify and adjust personal messages to clients, choose a preferred distribution channel and unify documents. The products can be sent in several types of formats: SMS, DATA, HTML, PDF, etc., and across several channels: email, fax, cellular, print, IPOST, the internet and organizational systems.

All that is left for you to do, is lay back, watch the progress in real time, control the distribution rate and go over the monitoring reports.

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