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The competition for customers’ satisfaction engages organizations and costs them a lot of money. To succeed in empowering the relationship with customers, organizations need to focus on reaching them personally, at their preferred time and channel, understanding their needs and fulfilling them perfectly.
To provide all this and more, we created the successful system FormIT. FormIT is implemented in large organizations from many different verticals.


Our solutions will enable you to:

  •  Produce smart digital documents for your customers
  •  Communicate clear and tailored message to you clients
  •  Distribute across a wide range of channels according to your clients’ preferences
  •  Advertise by focusing on you customers’ consuming habits


1.Producing a Document (invoice, specification, questionnaire, message, etc.)
Your documents should be designed according to your and your customers’ needs. Easily import a design from a PDF or Word document, or use the FormIT graphic design application.

2. Extracting Data
The FormIT platform enables you to access data from almost any format, by direct retrieval from a wide range of systems, databases, tables and files. Easily define the source and the system will do the rest.

3. Distribution and Tracking
FormIT automatically manages the distribution, and fits messages and distribution channels according to customers’ needs. All that is left for you to do, is lay back, watch the processes progress in real time, control the distribution rate and go over the monitoring reports.

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