Field Agents

Who doesn’t love pages?

Representatives love walking around with loads of forms, your clients love the pages that pile up in their folders and the fax machine is making a comeback.

Oh, they don’t?

FormIT enables you to make your field agents’ work more efficient and answer your customers’ needs. Forget about paper forms that you need to manually scan and store. With FormIT, sales people and field agents can get clients’ signatures on mobile devices.

FormIT’s application for mobile devices also enables you to send documents with personal details in real-time, get your clients’ digital signature, immediately update the operational systems and send an email to clients with the signed document.

FormIT’s digital forms will enable you to provide a comprehensive and efficient services, while cutting costs. Save your clients and yourselves unnecessary work, and make the interaction simpler and more elegant.

(Don’t worry, we also have a paper option for your clients who really want it).

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