Personal accessibility to knowledge is not a slogan, it’s a way of life that puts clients and their needs at a top priority.

FormIT is adapted to the new regulations, which demand accessibility of documents of handicapped persons. In our view, it’s another personal need we’re happy to answer, like friends would.

FormIT is adapted for a wide range of text-to-speech systems. This enables an out-loud reading of the written content, for those who have difficulties in reading texts. The system is even equipped for PDF documents, which most systems can’t read. The text-to-speech adaption was a
result of a long process of thinking, and it’s built by pointers that ensure the reading is done in the right order.

FormIT enables the sending of MP3 files, to ensure the reading is clear and agreeable, as if friends were setting next to each other and reading the document.

FormIT enables updating changes and marking demands in an easy, convenient and efficient way. This enables printing or adapting formats on any channel for any need, for example choosing font size or color.

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