Producing and Editing Documents Online

Sharon called the customer service center and received terms and conditions for her new plan. A month later, Sharon angrily called the service center, claiming the amount she was charged was higher than what was agreed upon. She threatens to publish the story in social media, and harm your organization’s reputation.

Sounds familiar? Not anymore.

With our solution for producing and editing documents online, your clients will receive a conversation summary on their preferred distribution channel, immediately at the end of the call.

With FormIT, Sharon will receive a detailed email with the terms agreed upon. Rachel will receive a printed document at the bank with the detailed terms of the loan. Jack will receive a text message with the details of his appointment. Kevin will receive a letter with the details of the product he bought.

Our solution is easy to use for the organization and representatives. FormIT enables representatives to immediately produce documents that extract data from a wide range of systems and data types. The result is an immediate improvement in your business processes and the customer experience you provide.

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