Producing and Editing Document by the Batch

It used to be simple – a letter, an envelope and a stamp were all we needed. In extreme cases, we called a phone, which was plugged into a wall. Later on, few people had a huge black brick, which they put in their cars or hauled around in their bags, and icq was the peak of technology. Plenty of water has flowed in Silicon Valley since then, and nowadays we are worried if an hour has passed and someone hasn’t answered our Whatsapp message.

Behind the scenes of all that progress there are enormous volumes of data: cellular billing, bank reports, invoices, information sheets and much more. That data needs to be quickly analyzed and passed on to clients, without the systems collapsing.
Your organization needs to be able to operate with all that data, process it quickly and produce documents for clients. All that needs to be done with minimal system load.

We have the solution for you.

Our tool for producing and editing documents by the batch, (1) Operates with a wide range of systems (2) Extracts data from each of them (3) Analyzes them according to complex logics (4) Produces the necessary information (5) Turns everything into a document.

Our solution is easy to use for the organization. FormIT does not overload your systems, and it saves you the need to unify systems, because we know how to work with them all.

Produce a large number of documents in a very short time, simply, easily and efficiently.

Produce advanced digital invoices with a digital signature, and filter options inside the invoice, in different formats such as HTML5 and PDF.

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