Smart Distribution

Your client was in an accident (let’s hope this example stays hypothetical). He calls you, and the representative fills the event details in the CRM. Now you need to produce an appraiser report and the insurance policy, send the appraiser the report via fax, the policy to the client by snail mail, and both documents by email to the agent. What a mess.

Save yourselves the headache, because FormIT works for you.

Our smart system knows how to easily extract the right documents form the various archives, add the relevant details from the CRM and distribute them to the right destination on the right channel.

Our smart distribution tool can also help you with your business. Our systems knows how to adapt messages and distribution channels to clients, prioritize sending, and draw a clear picture of what was sent, when, what was opened and what worked.

With FormIT, you can improve your marketing messages, resend according to clients’ reactions and monitor bugs and mishaps.

Your clients will be happy, because they will receive messages at their preferred time and place, and you will too, because you have a new tool that cuts costs and improves sales.

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